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English Pedagogy For CTET: learning and Acquisition

English Pedagogy For CTET

Topic-1 “learning and Acquisition”

Language is a medium through which one can express one’s ideas, thoughts, feelings, and messages. Every language chooses some symbols from the alphabets of the language and joins in different combinations to form meaningful words. 

Language can be acquired in two ways.

1. Language acquisition

2. Language learning 

1. Language acquisition:

Language acquisition refers to the ways children learn their native language. They observe others using different words and they get a sense of how to use that word. In this process, someone learns the language in a free environment without any grammatical rules.

Example:  children learn their native language.

Main points

  • Language acquisition is a natural process. 
  • It does not use grammatical rules.
  • Focus on practical knowledge. 
  •  informal situation.
  • The main requirement is a communication environment. 
  • Subconscious Process of learning. 
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2. Language learning

On the other hand, language learning is a process in which the learner learned The rules of grammar and vocabulary. with this process, we learn a second language.

 Example:  when anyone learns his second language. 

Main points

  • Learn /use of Grammatical rules and vocabulary.
  •  many people successfully learn a second language but not everybody gets there.
  •  focus on theoretical knowledge.
  • This Process Requires Conscious effort.
  • Not suitable for every age.
  • Formal situation.

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