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MP GK Question in English || MP Gk MCQ Questions

MP GK Question in English || Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge Questions

In this article, we are sharing some most important MP GK Questions in English.  This post is really useful for the candidates who are preparing for their competitive exams. The candidates need to get brushed up with various concepts for facing their exams. So, our site helps you out to meet and get prepared yourself within a short span of time.

Q1. The ‘Rajya Anandam Sansthan’ of the Madhya Pradesh Government will be responsible for the development of the:

1. Food Index

2. Happiness Index

3. Poverty Index

​​4. None of these​​

Ans: Happiness Index

Q2. The Indian Institute of Forest Management was established in the year?

1. 1975

​​2. 1980

3. 1970

​​4. 1982

Ans: 1982

Q3. The Shahi Qila is situated at:

1. Burhanpur​​

2. Chanderi

3. Hoshangabad

​​4. Mandu

Ans: Burhanpur

Q4. Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of _____ in the country ​

1. Apple​​

2. Oranges

3. Soybeans

​​4. Rice

Ans: Soybeans

Q5. Vishwas Rao Painter was a freedom-fighter who had settled in Satna city in the year 1931-32. Which state was he actually from?

1. Gujarat

​​2. Andhra Pradesh

3. Telangana​​

4. Maharashtra

Ans: Maharashtra

Q6. P. C. Sethi was a popular politician from –

​1. Jabalpur

​​2. Indore

3. Bhopal

4. Gwalior

Ans: Indore

Q7. With which of the following sports is Narendra Hirwani associated?

1. Hockey

​​2. Shooting

3. Cricket

​​4. Football

Ans: Cricket

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Q8. Which of the following is not a scheme launched by the MP Government?

1. Padhen Betiyan Badhen Betiyan​

2. Laadli Laxmi Yojna

3. Mukhyamantri Kanyadaan Yojna

​4. Mukhyamantri Teerth Darshan Scheme

Ans: Padhen Betiyan Badhen Betiyan

Q9. Which of the following places was founded by Udan Singh in the year 1660?

1. Vidisha

​​2. Sagar

3. Rewa

​​4. Raisen

Ans: Sagar

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Q10. Which of the following Mughal rulers was born at Mukundpur?

1. Akbar II

​​2. Shah Jahan II

3. Muhammad Azam Shah

​​4. Bahadur Shah I

Ans: Akbar II

Q11. Which of the following soil/s is/are found in Madhya Pradesh?

1. Red Soil

​​2. Black Soi

3. Both of the above

4.  None of these

Ans: Both of the above

Q12. Where is the Lokrang Festival held?

1. Khajuraho​​

2. Bhopal

3. Gwalior

​​4. Maheshwar

Ans: Bhopal

Q13. Where is Vir Palace situated?

1. Orchha

​​2. Dhar

3. Datia​​

4.  None of these

Ans: Datia

Q14. Who was the first Lokayukta of Madhya Pradesh?

1. P.V. Dixit​​

2. P.C. Sethi

3. Dayashankar Naag

​​4. V.R. Dave

Ans: P.V. Dixit

Q15. Which centuries do the paintings of Bagh Caves date back to?

1. 3rd to 5th centuries AD

​​2. 5th to 7th centuries AD​​

3.1st to 3rd centuries AD

4.  None of these

Ans: 5th to 7th centuries AD

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Q16. Which place of Madhya Pradesh is known to be the capital city of King Kartavirya Arjuna?

1. Chanderi

​​2. Katangi

3. Khajuraho​​

4. Maheshwar

Ans: Maheshwar

Q17. Famous tourist-destination point ‘Bandar Kudni’ is at –

1. Jabalpur​​

2. Indore

3. Bhopal​​

4. Gwalior

Ans: Jabalpur

Q18. Tansen Award is presented every year at the Tansen Samaroh held at –

1. Bhojpur​​

2. Bhopal

3. Gwalior​​

4. Sanchi

Ans: Gwalior

Q19. The birthplace of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was:

1. Jabalpur

​​2. Nagpur

3. Mhow

​​4. Baroda

Ans: Mhow

Q20. Aadesh Shrivastava was renowned –

1. Actor

2. Film-Director

3. Music-Director​​

4.  None of these​​

Ans: Music-Director

Q21. Honey production is famous in the district of –

1. Datia

​​2. Bhopal

3. Satna​​

4. Morena

Ans: Morena

Q22. Hoshangabad Security Paper Mill was commissioned in the year:

1. 1956​​

2. 1988

3. 1974​​

4. 1967

Ans: 1967

Q23. In which district are the Chintaharan Ganesh Mandir and Shri Rani Sati DadiJi’s Temple located?

1. Agar Malwa

​​2. Indore

3. Gwalior

​​4. Rewa

Ans: Agar Malwa

Q24. In which of the following districts are big reserves of manganese found?

1. Jabalpur​​

2. Betul

3. Datia​​

4. Balaghat

Ans: Balaghat

Q25. From which of the following districts does the Chambal River originate?

1. Vidisha

​​2. Indore

3. Anuppur​​

4. Raisen

Ans: Indore

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