Tripura TET Exam 2021: Child Development Important Questions

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Child Development Important Questions For Tripura TET

In this article, we will study the multiple-choice questions related to child development and pedagogy, which have been prepared to keep in mind the upcoming Tripura TET, if you are going to appear in this exam, then you must study these questions needed.

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Q1. What should a teacher tell her students to encourage them to do tasks with intrinsic motivation?

(a) “Come on, finish it before she does.”

(b) “Why can’t you be like him? See, he has done it perfectly.”

(c) “Complete the task fast and get a toffee.”

(d) “Try to do it, you will learn.”

Ans. (d)

Q2. Which of the following statement is not appropriate to motivation as a process

(a) It causes a person to move towards a goal
(b) It satisfies the person’s biological needs
(c) It helps in achieving a psychological ambition
(d) It keeps away from an unpleasant situation
Ans: d

Q3.  Which of the following is an example of effective school practice?

(a) Constant comparative evaluation

(b) Corporal punishment

(c) Individualized learning

(d) Competitive classroom

Ans. (c)

Q4.  The cephalocaudal principle of development explains how development proceeds from:

(a) general to specific functions

(b) differentiated to integrated functions

(c) head to toe

(d) rural to urban areas

Ans. (c)

Q5.  Which of the following are secondary agents of socialization?

(a) Family and neighbourhood

(b) School and neighbourhood

(c) School and immediate family members

(d) Family and relatives

Ans. (b)

Q6. According to Jean Piaget, which of the following is necessary for learning?

(a) Active exploration of the environment by the learner

(b) Observing the behaviour of adults

(c) Belief in immanent justice

(d) Reinforcement by teachers and parents

Ans. (a)

Q7. Which one of the following is best suited for emotional development of children?

(a) Democratic classroom environment

(b) No involvement of the teachers as it is the task of the parents

(c) Controlled classroom environment

(d) Authoritarian classroom environment

Ans. (a)

 Q8. To be an effective teacher it is important to

(a) emphasize dictating answers from the book.

(b) focus on individual learning rather than group activity.

(c) avoid disruption caused due to questioning by students.

(d) be in touch with each and every child.

Ans. (d)

Q9. A child’s notebook shows errors in writing like reverse images, mirror imaging, etc. Such a child is showing signs of

(a) Learning disadvantage

(b) Learning disability

(c) Learning difficulty

(d) Learning problem

Ans. (b)

Q10. According to NCF 2005, errors are important because they

(a) are an important tool in classifying students into groups of ‘passed’ and ‘failed’.

(b) provide a way to the teachers to scold the children.

(c) provide an insight into the child’s thinking and help to identify solutions.

(d) provide space for removing some children from the class.

Ans. (c)

 Q11. Giving punishment, verbal or non-verbal, to the children results in

(a) motivating them to work.

(b) protecting the child’s image.

(c) improving their scores.

(d) damaging their self-concept.

Ans. (d)

Q12. When the students fail, it can be understood that:

(a) The system has failed

(b) The teachers failure

(c) The text-books failure

(d) The individual student’s failure

Ans. (a)

Q13. An advantage of giving home work to students:

(a) remain busy at home

(b) study at home

(c) may be checked for their progress

(d) may develop habit of self study

Ans.  (d)

Q14. A teacher has serious defect is he/she—

(a) physically handicapped

(b) belongs to low socio-economic status

(c) has weak personality

(d) has immature mental development

Ans.  (D)

Q15. The success of teacher is—

(a) high achievement of students

(b) good traits of his/her personality

(c) his/her good teaching

(d) his/her good character

Ans. (c)

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