CTET 2021: EVS Scoring Questions That Will Help You Prepare Better for CTET Paper 1

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CTET 2021: Environmental Studies (EVS) is making a major role to achieve good marks in the CTET exam. EVS is a good scoring subject, As per the CTET EVS Syllabus 2021, a total of 30 questions are asked in this section in a multiple-choice objective format. Each question is of 1 mark and there is no negative marking. 

Let us tell you that no change has been made in the CTET syllabus of CTET Environmental Studies (EVS). 30 questions will be asked from the EVS section of CTET Paper 1 in which 15 questions will be asked from Quotant and 15 questions from Pedagogical Issues. Hence “Environmental Studies (EVS)” section is very important to score good marks in CTET Paper 1.

Note: In the CTET Paper 1, the questions will be asked from five sections Child Development and Pedagogy, English Language, Hindi Language, Mathematics and Environmental Studies – EVS.

Environmental Studies (EVS) for CTET EXAM

In this article, we are going to share some most repetitive EVS Scoring Questions for CTET questions along with their answer. If you are preparing for the CTET Paper 1 then you must go through this article.

EVS Scoring Questions for CTET 2021

Q.1 CNG stands for

  1.  Clean natural gas
  2.  carbonized natural gas
  3.  compressed natural gas
  4.  none of these

 Answer- C

Q.2  What is the objective behind including poems and stories in the textbooks of EVS?

  • A) Encourage imaginative & creative ability of students
  • B) Have a change in routine content
  • C) Complete up the textbooks
  • D) Fulfill demand of poets and storytellers

Answer: (A) 

Q.3   What is the sex ratio of India as per the 2011 census?

  • A) 940:1000
  •  B) 961:1000
  • C) 920:1000
  • D) 982:1000

 Answer A

Q.4 Which of the following state does not have a boundary with the sea?

  •  A) Goa
  •  B) Rajasthan
  •  C) Gujarat
  •  D) Maharashtra

Ans-  C

Q.5 As an EVS teacher, if you are asked to organize a field trip to a zoo, then what should be the major objective:

  • A) Offer active learning experience to children
  • B) Provide fun and enjoyment to children
  • C) Satisfy parents on quality of education 
  • D) To change monotony of the routine studies 

Answer: (A) 

Q.6 Which is the classical dance of Kerala?

  • A) Kathak
  • B) Bharatanatyam
  • C) Kathakali
  • D) Kuchipudi

Ans-  C

Q.7 Which is the largest state of India in terms of area?

  • A) Uttar Pradesh 
  • B) Madhya Pradesh  
  • C) Rajasthan 
  • D) Maharashtra

Ans- C 

Q.8 Which of the following activities have been responsible for the disappearance of forests?

  • A) Construction of dams
  • B) Collection of leaves for trade purposes
  • C) Making bamboo baskets
  • D) Making plated leaves out of the fallen leaves 

Answer: (A)

Q.9 in which state is the festival Onam is celebrated?

  • A) Andhra Pradesh 
  • B) Kerala 
  • C) Madhya Pradesh 
  • D) Bihar

Ans-  B

Q.10 Where is Mount Everest located? 

  • A) India
  • B) China
  • C) Tibet
  • D) Nepal

Answer: (D)

Q.11  which country has the longest International border with India?

  • A) Bangladesh 
  • B) Nepal 
  • C) Chin 
  • D) Pakistan

Ans- A

India has the longest international boundary  with Bangladesh and the length of this boundary is about 4096.7 kilometer

Q.12 Which is the closest planet to the Sun?

  • A) Jupiter 
  • B) Mars 
  • C) Venus 
  • D) Mercury

Ans- D

Q.13 Which of the following animal crawls for moving one place to another?

  •  A) Cat
  •  B) Dog
  •  C) Earthworm
  •  D) Hare

Ans- C

Q.14 Which of the following animal teeth grow throughout life?

  • A) Tiger
  • B) rabbit 
  • C) pig 
  • D) Dog

Ans- B

Q.15 Which of the following city is famous for pottery work?

  • A) Agra 
  • B) Khurja 
  • C) Kannauj 
  • D) Delhi

Ans- B

Q.16 What is the main aim of a good assignment in EVS?

  • A) Revision of the lesson
  • B) Extensive learning opportunities
  • C) Better utilisation of time
  • D) Keep students engaged 

Ans: (B)

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