Haryana General Knowledge Question

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Haryana General Knowledge Question with Answer

In today’s article, we are going to share Haryana General Knowledge Question. These Questions help you to boost up your score in the examination. Haryana GK is important for all competitive exams of the state which includes HPSC, HCS, HSSC, etc. There are many questions asked in these examinations from the Haryana GK.

Q1. Rakhigiri comes under which district of Haryana?

Ans:  Hisar

Q2. Who among the following is a founder of Hisar district?

Ans:  Firozshah Tughlaq

Q3. The turban, worn by males in Haryana is known as

Ans:  Khandwa

Q4. In which district, apart from Gurugan, is the irrigation done by the Gurgaon Canal?

Ans: Faridabad

Q5. Name the last king of Ballabhgarh who was martyred in the freedom struggle of 1857?

Ans:  Nahar Singh

Q6. The famous historical Lal Masjid of Rewari was built during the reign of which Mughal ruler?

Ans:  Akbar

Q7. The highest elevated area of Aravalli Hills in Haryana is

Ans:  Dhosi Hills

Q8. Saraswati Conservation Reserve is situated in the district of

 Ans:  Kaithal

Q9. Which of the following is known as ‘Brass town’ of Haryana?

Ans: Jagadhari

Q10. The coins related to Samudragupta was found at which place of Haryana?

Ans:  Mitathal

Q11. Which of the following dance is performed by women?

Ans: Teej dance

Q12.  Ambala Air force Station was built in

Ans: 1948

Q13.  Phalgu fair held at which place?

Ans: Faral

Q14. In which of the following years Haryana became a full-fledged Indian state?

Ans: 1966

Q15. Which historical village located in the district Yamunanagar is believed to be related to the Mahabharata king Shantanu?

Ans:  Basantar

Q16. Where is the Dargah of Sufi Saint Altaf Hussain Hali located in Haryana?

Ans:  Panipat

Q17. Center of Excellence for Vegetables is situated at ?

Ans: Gharaunda

Q18.  Sh. Damtan Sahib Gurudwara is at?

Ans: Narwana

Q19.  At which of the following city in Haryana a Food Park is established?

Ans: Saha

Q20.  Dabwali comes under which District of Haryana?

Ans:  Sirsa

Q21. Krishna Poonia is Related to which Sports?

Ans: Discus throw

Q22. Tau Devilal Herbal Park is situated in which city?

Ans: Chuharpur

Q23.  What is the birth year of Sir ChhotuRam?

Ans: 1881

Q24.  Shrine of Mitha Saiyad Peer is situated in?

Ans:  Hisar

Q25. Which of the following city of Haryana doesn’t have a National Highway?

Ans: Yamuna Nagar

Q26.  Birbal Ka Chhatta is situated at?

Ans: Narnaul

Q27. The biggest Cactus garden of Asia is Situated in which of the following city of Haryana?

Ans:  Panchkula

Q28. Liquid Nitrogen Plant is situated at?

Ans: Narnaul

Q29. Who was the President of India when Haryana was formed as the State?

Ans:  S. Radhakrishan

Q30.How many Vidhan Sabha Seats were there in Haryana at the time of its formation?

Ans: 54

Q31.  Who was the first Advocate General of Haryana?

Ans:  Anand Babu Svarup

Q32.  Who was the founder of Vishal Haryana Party?

Ans:  Rao Birender Singh

Q33.  Who was the author of the book “An agriculture Geography of Haryana”?

Ans: Jasbir Singh

Q34. Haryana Education Board was shifted to Bhiwani in 1981 from which city of Haryana?

Ans: Chandigarh

Q35. Who was the Director of Movie Chandraval?

Ans:  Devi Shankar Prabhakar

Q36. Which of the following is the State Flower Of Haryana?

Ans:  Nelumbo nucifera

Q37. ‘Mujara Movement’ was organized by which of the following leaders?

Ans:  Ch. Devi Lal

Q38. Which women Haryana Legislative Assembly Member has been elected for maximum no. of times?

Ans: Smt Prasanni Devi

Q39.  Who is advocate General of Haryana?

Ans:  Sh. Baldev Raj Mahajan

Q40.  The tomb of Ibrahim Lodi is situated at?

Ans:  Panipat

Q41. National Cancer Institute is being built at which place?

Ans: Badhasa (Jhajjar)

Q42. Which pair is the brand ambassador of Haryana Tourism?

Ans: Dharmendra-Hema Malini

Q43. Tashi & Nungshi, the mountaineer, belongs to which district?

Ans: Sonipat

Q44. Which year was declared as ‘Girl Child Year’ by Haryana Govt.?

Ans:  2006

Q45.  Which of the following governors served longest time as governor of Haryana?

Ans: Birender Narayan Chakrabarty

Q46.  Which are the reserved constituencies in Haryana?

Ans: Sirsa-Ambala

Q47. Dewanwala, Dangrana and Chhamla dam to be built at which river?

Ans: Ghaggar

Q48. Renuka dam to be constructed on which river?

Ans: Giri

Q49.  King Harshvardhan was defeated by which Indian ruler?

Ans: Pulkesin-II

Q50. Ramesh Kumar is associated with which games?

Ans:  Wrestling

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