Jharkhand GK Important Question Answer [Top Gk Questions]

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Jharkhand GK Important Question Answer

Jharkhand GK: Friends, in this post we are sharing with you Jharkhand GK Important Question Answer (Jharkhand general knowledge Questions Answer) which is very important for the upcoming Jharkhand PSC exam as well as all other states competitive exams.

1. Which river of Jharkhand flows southeast?

Answer: – Swarnarekha

2. Gold is found in the sand of which river of Jharkhand?

Answer: – Swarnarekha

3. Lakshmi Rani Majhi is related to which sport?

Answer: – Archery

4. Jumar, Raru, Kanchi, Kharkai and Sanjay are whose tributaries?

Answer: – Swarnarekha

5. Dhanbad and Giridih are situated on the banks of which river?

Answer: – Damodar River

6. Where does the Son River originate?

Answer: – Amarkantak Hill

7. Who is the apex training institute of Panchayati Raj Department of Jharkhand state?

Answer: – Serd (SIRD)

8. What is the average elevation of the Ranchi plateau?

Answer: – 600 meters

9. Ranchi Plateau is built by

Answer: – Granite and Nice

10. What separates Ranchi and Hazaribagh plateau from each other?

Answer: – Damodar River

11. What is the average height of Bahru plateau / low plateau situated along the plateau of Ranchi and Hazaribagh?

Answer: – 300-450 meters

12. Which house in Deoghar was used to build revolutionary bombs and train their allies in this direction?

Answer: – Sheeler Bari

13. At what level is the Panchayat Samiti established?

Answer: – At the block level

14. Which was the first capital of the state of Ramgarh?

Answer: – Sisia

15. In which year were the bomb-making materials recovered from the house named Shelarbadi?

Answer: – In 1915 AD

16. In which year did the rebellion against the rule of the English Company under the leadership of Rani Sarveshwari of Maheshpur Raja begin?

Answer: – 1781-82

17. Who made Chutia the capital of the Nagavanshi kingdom of Chhotanagpur Khas in place of Sutiyambay?

Answer: – Pratap Rai.

18. Ichak became the capital of Ramgarh state during the reign of which king?

Answer: – Tej Singh

19. ‘Idi-mi’ (Idi-tai-ma) marriage is a unique marriage of which tribe?

Answer: – Asura

20. By what name is the Hadiya in the Asura tribe?

Answer: – Botha or Jharmui

21. Chira, Lava, Kedar and Coke are its tributaries?

Answer: – Conch

22. How many kilograms per hectare per year is the fish production in Jharkhand in the year 2016?

Answer: – 1650

23. Where is the origin of the Peacock / Mayurakshi river?

Answer: – Trikut hill, Deoghar

24. What is the number of government ponds in Jharkhand in the year 2016?

Answer: – 15496

25. By what name is the Mayurakshi river in its initial state?

Answer: – Motihari

26. What was the immediate cause of the Kol revolt (1831–32)?

Answer: – Non-tribals misbehaved with tribal women

27. In Munda rule, what was called the builder of farms?

Answer: – Pebbled

28. Which tribe is known as ‘Sardar of Dhanbad’?

Answer: – Bhoomij

29. Which is the oldest tribe, which were iron workers?

Answer: – Asura 20. Chambandi rites are found in which tribe? Answer: – Asura

30. The British converted their land into Damin-e-Koh in 1824 AD to crush which rebellion?

Answer: – Hills Revolt

31. Which river of Jharkhand is also known as Dev River?

Answer: – Damodar River

32. What percentage of the total area is cultivated?

Answer: – 22.68

33. Which is the only river in Jharkhand that falls freely in the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: – Swarnarekha

34. How many regional development authorities are there in Jharkhand?

Answer: – Five

35. The founder of which state was known as Gomukhi Raja?

Answer: – Panchayat State

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