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Madhya Pradesh Samanya Gyan (MP gk)

In this post, we are sharing some very important questions of Madhya Pradesh general knowledge(MP GK) (MP GK Most Important Questionfor you which is useful for various competitive examinations like MP Police, MPSI and MPPSC in Madhya Pradesh.

MP GK Most Important Question 

Q1: Which ruler constructed the fort of Gwalior?

Ans: Suraj Sen

Q2: The breed of a breed named Bredrin is found in only one national park?

Ans: Kanha Kiskali

Q3: Where are the Bhilai forest produce in Madhya Pradesh collected?

Ans: Chhindwara

Q4: Where was the capital of Chandragupta II?

Ans: Ujjayini

Q5: Bandhavgarh National Park was in Shahdol district in the east and now in which district?

Ans: Umaria

Q6: Where is the “Sanjeevani Institute” located in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Bhopal

Q7: Which tribe is the native area of ​​Kota (Rajasthan) and Guna (Madhya Pradesh)?

Ans: Sharia

Q8: In Madhya Pradesh are the cities of clothes?

Ans: Indore

Q9: Which city was the main center of Tamarpathyuan Malwa culture?

Ans: Navdatoli (Indore)

Q10: In which area is the highest budget in the 11th Five Year Plan in the state?

Ans: social services

Q11: Which area of ​​Madhya Pradesh was merged with Maharashtra in the year 1956?

Ans: Vidarbha

Q12: The rebellion of 1857 revolution in Madhya Pradesh was first mentioned?

Ans: Banpur and Sagar

Q13: Which Muslim ruler had rebuilt the fort of Dhar?

Ans: Muhammad Tughlaq

Q14: Which district is the main sugar factories in Central India, the plateau of Central India?

Ans: Gwalior

Q15: Which division of Madhya Pradesh is the largest in terms of area?

Ans: Jabalpur division

Q16: What percentage of irrigation ponds are there in Madhya Pradesh state?

Ans:  23 percent

Q17: When was the Anti-inflationary movement launched in Jhabua?

Ans: 1935

Q18: In which district is Kapiladhara and Dakhdhara waterfall?

Ans: Shahdol

Q19: Which of the following is the production of graphite from Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Betul

Q20: Where are the oldest medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh state?

Ans: Garajaraje Medical College (Gwalior)

Q21: Which of the districts of Madhya Pradesh is found in most forests?

Ans: Mandla

Q22:  M.P. The first village court was started?

Ans:  Jhalatala (Neemuch)

Q23: Since 1923, did the flag Satyagraha begin?

Ans:  Jabalpur

Q24: Madhya Pradesh’s only city where IIT and IIM universities have been opened?

Ans: Indore

Q25: In which century did the Hunas invade Middle India?

Ans:  Sixth century

Q26: Which of the zapped zones in Madhya Pradesh has the folk art?

Ans:  Malwa

Q27: M.P. What is the festival called?

Ans:  Delhi

Q28: Which is the famous tourist destination of which community in Sokei in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Buddhist

Q29: Which national park is famous for plant and fossil?

Ans: Fille

Q30: In which district is the asbestos found in M.P.?

Ans: Jhabua

Q31: Which year was the division of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: November 1, 2000

Q32: Which ore is extracted from Khaparapani mountain?

Ans: Bauxite

Q33: How many National Highways pass through the state of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: 18

Q34: Which is the highest peak in the plateau of Malwa?

Ans: Janapav

Q35: Which queen is famous as the queen of Jhansi of Ramgarh?

Ans: Queen durgavati

Q36: When did the Chandel Rajao build the world famous Khajuraho temple?

Ans: Between 950-1050 CE

Q37: Which district is in which of the following states?

Ans: Straight

Q38: Which ruler is related to the name of the saga?

Ans: Tiger Reserve

Q39: Which river is also known as Charmavati?

Ans: Chambal

Q40: “Paddy Research Center” has been established in the state of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Bardwani

Q41: Madhya Pradesh has a place in the production of minerals?

Ans: Seventh

Q42: Which district of Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat?

Ans: Hoshangabad

Q43: Where is the minimum temperature in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Pachmarhi

Q44: Which of the zapped zones in Madhya Pradesh has folk art?

Ans: Malwa

Q45: Which state is the lowest borderline of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Gujarat

Q46: Which city in Madhya Pradesh is the only opium factory in the country?

Ans: Neemuch

Q47: What is the most irrigated district in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans: Balaghat

Q49: What percentage of the share of Madhya Pradesh is in Sardar Sarovar Dam of Gujarat?

Ans: 57 percent

Q50: Which of the following tribes are related to Katha Industries?

Ans: Khairwar

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