SSC GD GK Questions and Answers | Top General Knowledge Questions for SSC GD Constable

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SSC GD GK Questions and Answers: As we are aware that General Knowledge (GK) is a very important topic for the SSC GD Constable exam held in the country. Most of the aspirants feel difficulty in scoring good marks in it.

So we are here to provide some of the most repetitive GK Questions asked in the Competitive exams including SSC GD constable exams (SSC GD GK Questions and Answers). So if you are going to appear in the upcoming SSC GD Constable exam then you must go through these GK Questions once.

Top General Knowledge Questions for SSC GD Constable

Q. Which revolution was started by the government of India to increase the milk output? 

Ans. White Revolution. 

Q. Louis Pasteur discovered by?

Ans. Antirabies vaccine.

Q. In a filament-type light bulb, most of the electric power consumed appears as? 

Ans. Infra-red rays. 

Q. Who introduced the concept of ‘’stored-program’’?

 Ans. John von Neumann. 

Q. Diopter is the unit of? 

Ans. Power of a lens. 

Q. The largest river in Europe is? 

Ans. Volga river. 

Q. The gas used to extinguish the fire is? 

Ans. Carbon dioxide. 

Q. The non-metal found in a liquid state is? 

Ans. Bromine. 

Q. Greenhouse effect cause? 

Ans. Carbon dioxide, methane. 

Q. Which of the following three R’s are regarded as environment-friendly? 

Ans. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

Q. The market regulation system was introduced by?

Ans. Alia-ud-din khilji. 

Q.  Name the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves in plants?

Ans. Stomata. 

Q. Rinderpest disease of cattle?

Ans. Virus. 

Q. The chairman of the public accounts committee of the parliament is appointed by?

 Ans. Speaker of Lok sabha. 

Q. To which category right to vote belongs?

 Ans. Political rights. 

Q. How many members are nominated by the president to Rajya sabha? 

Ans. 12. 

Q. The condition called simple goiter is caused due by the deficiency of? 

Ans. Iodine. 

Q.The non-permanent member of the security council holds office for? 

Ans. Two years. 

Q. Minimum and Maximum rate of income tax in India is? 

Ans. 10% and 30%. 

Q. International woman’s day is observed on? 

Ans. 8 march.

Q. who was the founder of the Lodhi Dynasty? 

Ans. Bahlol Lodhi. 

Q. Who is called the architect of the constitution of India? 

Ans. Rajendra Prasad. 

Q. Einstein was awarded a Noble prize for his theory? 

Ans. Theory of Photoelectricity. 

Q. Who is the author of the book ‘’ The Accidental PM’’? 

Ans. Sanjaya Baru. 

Q. In which country are the Pampas grasslands situated? 

Ans. Argentina. 

Q. When was ‘Project Tiger’ launched in India? 

Ans. 1972. 

Q.  Which of the animal life for the longest duration without drinking water? 

Ans. Kangaroo rat. 

Q. Which world Biodiversity day is observed? 

Ans. 22 May. 

Q. which was invented by wilielm Roentgen?

Ans. X-Ray Machine. 

Q.  At which Olympics sex test for women was introduced?

 Ans. 1968. 

Q.  In which riverbank is Baghdad situated? 

Ans. Tigris. 

Q. FIFA Stands for? 

Ans. Federation International Football Association. 

Q. Arma Konda peak is located on which range? 

Ans. the Eastern Ghats. 

Q. Whom did Babur defeat in the first battle of Panipat?

Ans. Ibrahim Lodhi. 

Q. The Governor holds office during—————-? 

Ans. The pleasure of the president. 

Q. The maximum strength of the council of ministers is fixed by which constitutional amendment act? 

Ans. 91th constitutional amendment. 

Q.  In the concept of the budget deficit, the primary deficit is? 

Ans. The difference between fiscal deficit and interest payments. 

Q. The Suez canal links the? 

Ans. Mediterranean sea to the red sea. 

Q. The boundary line between India and Pakistan is known as? 

Ans. Redcliff line. 

Q. The Nine schedule covers which article of the Indian constitution?

 Ans. Article 243. 

Q. Which of the following dance forms is known as the dance of enchantress?

 Ans. Mohiniyattan. 

Q.  In the Indian parliamentary system, the prime minister is appointed from which house of the parliament? 

Ans. May be from either the lower house or upper house. 

Q. The ———- is an observable phenomenon that is commonly associated with a spinning object moving through a fluid? 

Ans. Magnus effect. 

Q.  In constitution under article 15 prohibits discrimination against any citizen on grounds of?

Ans. Religion, Caste, Sex, or Place of birth. 

Q. Who among the following is considered economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life? 

Ans. Alfred Marshall. 

We hope these SSC GD GK Questions and Answers help you in upcoming exams. If you have any queries or suggestions then leave your comment below. Also, follow our social media handle to Get the latest Education news and Government Jobs Update, Links are given below.

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