Top 50 Bihar GK Important Question For BPSC In English

Bihar GK Question For BPSC In English

1. Who was the first chairman of the Bihar Public Service Commission?

 Ans: Rajdhani Sinha

2. Where are Kakolat Waterfalls located? 

Ans: Nawada

3.Where is the Badi Parvati Devi Temple, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Goddess Durga located?

 Ans: Patna

4. Where is Buddha Memorial Park built?

 Ans: Patna

5. Where is Ghodakatora lake situated? 

Ans: Nalanda 

6. On which tree is the Laccifer lacca insect found?

 Ans: Lac tree 

7. How many tourist circuits have been recognized by the Bihar Tourism Ministry? 


8. What has the Greek traveler ‘Magasthenese’ referred to Patliputra as in his book ‘Indica’? 

Ans: Polibrotha

9. Which site of Bihar has been recently included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites? 

Ans: Nalanda Mahavihara 

10. Where is the 400-year-old Chaitnya Mahaprabhu Temple located?

 Ans: Patna City

11. Who was the founder of the Bihar School of Yoga (Munger)? 

Ans: Swami Satyanad Saraswati (1963)

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12. Where is the Khanqah built by Hazrat Makhdum Shah in the 13th century located? 

Ans: Fulwari Sharif, Patna 

13. When was the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act- 2015 implemented? 

Ans: 28th August 2015

14. Where is Kesariya, the site where Bhuddha’s pillar was found in the excavation, located?

Ans: East Champaran

15. Where is Katragarh?

 Ans: Muzaffarpur

16. Where is the tomb of Malik Ibrahim Bayan? 

Ans: Bihar Sharif 

17. What is the total length of National Highways in Bihar? 

Ans: 4,595 km 

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18. The red sandstones used in building the Royal Palace in Mauryan era were from which place? 

Ans: Chunar in Uttar Pradesh 

19. During the rule of which Karnat king was the register management developed?

 Ans: Hari Singh

20. Where is Mundeshwari Temple located?

 Ans: Kaimur 

21. When were Begusarai, Munger, Purnea, and Katihar awarded municipal corporation?

Ans: In 2009 

22. Where is Kanwar Lake located? 

Ans: Begusarai 

23.When did Bihar Public Service Commission become functional?

 Ans: 1st April 1949 

24. Where is the Shiva temple of Koteshwar Nath situated?

 Ans: Jahanabad

25. Who is the author of ‘Gehu Aur Gulab’?

 Ans: Ramavriksha Benipuri (1994)

26. Which place is known as the silk city of Bihar?

 Ans: Bhagalpur 

27 Where is Nakti Lake situated?

 Ans: Jamui 

28. Which soil is rich in iron? 

Ans: Red-yellow soil 

29.In which inscription has Ashoka mentioned the causality of the Kalinga war? 

Ans: Shila Rajadesh 

30. Which Sikh guru was born in Patna? 

Ans: Guru Gobind Singh

31. How many national parks are there in Bihar? 

Ans: 1

32. When was the student tree plantation scheme launched in Bihar? 

Ans: 15th August 2006

33. In which financial year the Bihar government started the Bihar Homeland Scheme?

Ans: 2010- 11 

34. Where is the Buddha Samyak Darshan Sangrahalaya located?

 Ans: Vaishali 

35. What is the rank of Bihar based on the total area? 

Ans: 10th

36. According to which scholar the main reason behind the battle of Kalinga was to acquire the region of elephants?

 Ans: Kautilya 

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37. Where is Udaypur Lake situated in Bihar? 

Ans: West Champaran

38. Under whose leadership the Bihar Youth Association was formed in the Bihar student conference?

 Ans: Prof. Gyan Saha 

39. Who built the Birla Mandir, Patna? 

Ans: Rajbaldev Dasji Birla 

40. The insect is reared on the leaves of the Arjun tree for which kind of silk production? 

Ans: Tasar silk 

41. Under which scheme a sewerage treatment plant and advanced water treatment network will be set up in Bihar? 

Ans: Smart Ganga City Yojna

42. After which battle, Lord Clive and Mughal Emperor Shah Alam- II signed a treaty on 12th August 1765 in Allahabad which gave the Diwani rights to the company in Bihar, Bengal, and Orissa? 

Ans: Battle of Buxar 

43. Sulphur is extracted from which mineral?

 Ans: Pyrite 

44. Which Buddhist pillar is also known as Raja Ban ka Deora?

 Ans: Buddha Stupa in Kesariya 

45. Where in Patna the remains of the Royal Palace of Mauryan era have been found? 

Ans: Kumhrar  

46. Padmashri Siya Devi, Kaushalya Devi, Ganga Devi, Jagdamba Devi, Bhagwati Devi, Maina Devi, Laal Baba and Shahshikala belong to which field? 

Ans: Mithila art

47. Which artist’s painting have been exhibited in Japan?

 Ans: Shashikala Devi 

48. Which fish has been named the state fish?

 Ans: Deshi Magur

49. Which Muslim ruler banned the Hindu pilgrimage?

 Ans: Akbar 

50. Which Maithili author received the Sahitya Academy Award for his first book in the year 2000? 

Ans: Saketanand

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